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2024 Admissions Ongoing

Department of Science & Mathematics

The department boasts experienced and committed teachers whose efforts have seen us post very impressive grades year in year out.

The department of Science consists of the following subjects, in both 8.4.4 & I.G.C.S.E;

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

The department has two fully equipped laboratories with suitably trained technicians. We do embrace practical approach in teaching all the science-based subjects.

The department of science is by far the most popular department in the school among the students. This can be attributed to the fact that majority of our students endeavor to take science-based courses in the university.

A number of programs have been put in place in order to improve performance. These include discussion groups which give the students a chance to reason out among themselves and further enhanced academically by clubs like the science club.

Excursions and education tours are taken regularly and as such this excites learners, making them more enthusiastic and confident thus contributing to the exemplary performance in the sciences.