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Our vision is to inspire each student to achieve their maximum potential and; vital to this is our extracurricular activities which link into and develop the co-curricular program. Extra and co-curricular activities include games, clubs, Movements & societies, and Community Service.

In the games department, there are many activities We have sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, athletics, swimming and also indoor games like table tennis, darts, chess, and scramble. Games are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. We also hold sports day once a term.

The school also has clubs such as Science, Art & Culture, wildlife, peer counseling, journalism, Great debaters that participate both in internal and external activities. There are also club trips and activities such as contests and tree planting that are organized by club members.

In the school, we have scouts and St’ john’s movements involved in volunteer services.

The school offers spiritual counseling with the assistance of both the Christian Union and Young Catholic Association (Y.C.S) whereby students hold regular prayers with the help of the school chaplain.

The diversity of opportunities to explore and learn new skills is enormous at St. Lucie.  Each term new Clubs and activities are offered — with selection driven by demand.