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The St. Lucie Debate Club

The school has a vibrant debate club that empowers the girls with skills to express themselves clearly and concisely with public speaking skills. They acquire better poise, speech delivery, and public speaking skills that improve their effective communication skills in a formal setting.

The club encourages students to be aware of issues that affect our world and hence improve their world knowledge on global issues. The club also helps with Enhanced teamwork skills and collaboration. In general, you will always see improved self-confidence with the girls who are able to become world-class ambassadors after they leave the school. These gifts are nurtured from early on.

The debate club competes annually in the Model United Nations, where the girls are exposed to like-minded students from across the entire country which adds to their exposure and self-confidence.  The Kenya Model United Nations in particular seeks to empower the youth by advocating for the recognition and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms by simulating real-life world crises through conferences, arriving at amicable and workable solutions.