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The St. Lucie Music Club

Within the vibrant music club at St. Lucie Kiriri musical talent is nurtured and students are encouraged to extend themselves through different forums.  

Individual instrument and voice lessons are available during club day which is on Saturday afternoons. Students are encouraged to bring the musical instruments of their choice at the start of the school term. The school is working to offer Music as an examinable subject in the future, however for students who want to extend their music talent, this is nurtured in the music club and very reputable music teachers are hired to work with the girls to grow their musical gifts and talents. In the future, we shall introduce classical music repertoire teaching lessons for those who want to extend their musical creativity. These are charged separately. Information can be sourced at the school reception.

Strong and vibrant school choir

In addition to the music club, the school boasts of a vibrant school choir that has been a strong statement of the school since its inception. The school works with a choirmaster who helps the girls come up with beautifully synchronized choreographies that are heard during the school masses.