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Admissions Procedure for 8-4-4 Curriculum

In order to secure a place with us, you will need to complete the Registration Form attached. A non-refundable registration fee of Ksh. 2000 is required.

In addition to the admission form, you will be required to provide the following documents.

  1. Certified Copy of School leaving certificate.
  2. Certified Copy of your baptism/birth certificate.
  3. Two passport-size photographs (not a photo of me).
  4. Medical certificate from a registered doctor.
  5. Certified Copy of KCPE Result slip

Once the application form is received together with the supporting documentation, we recommend that you take a tour of our campus with our staff. This process will normally include a detailed discussion with our Headteacher about your child’s education with us.

The academic year begins after the completion of the KCPE examination, however, from time to time, we do accept students at any time of the year who may be transferring from other schools for varying reasons. Acceptance follows an evaluation of the child’s previous academic record and an interview if this is practical to arrange. An entry assessment test is used to assist in the placement process.

Boarding Application


St. Lucie Kiriri Girls School offers first-class boarding facilities managed by a resident matron and Nurse who are on call 24/7 to attend to student matters whenever the need arises. In addition to being a resident nurse, we have a school counselor who is full-time and is available to offer your daughter pastoral and counseling needs. We see Boarding life as a positive opportunity for students to enhance their learning experience, as well as to explore living in a purposeful, multicultural community and grow in independence.


What we have witnessed over the years, is that the girls form quick bonds with friends within our Four boarding houses notably: Mara House, Serengeti House, Amboseli House, Tsavo House, and Aberdare house. There is a standby power generator, permanent water source, and tight security.


For more information on our boarding facilities, please refer to our Boarding at St. Lucie Kiriri Girls School booklet.


Highlighted below is the boarding list of requirements for girls joining the school.

School Uniform
Boarding Requirements
  1. 1 peacock blue V-shaped pullover with a badge,
  2. 2 white short-sleeved shirts,
  3. 2 peacock blue skirts,
  4. 2 lemon yellow ties,
  5. 1 navy blue blazer with yellow strip,
  6. 3 pairs of white socks,
  7. 1 physical Education kit: t-shirt (specified house color), navy blue short,s and navy-blue bloomer
  8. 1 light blue tracksuit with school logo.
  9. 2 pairs of low-heeled black leather shoes,
  10. 1 pair of white or black gym shoes.

NB: Our uniform may be purchased from School Outfitters on Muindi Mbingu Street.

  1. 2 Blankets,
  2. 2 Pairs of Bed Sheets (Either Green/Pink),
  3. Pillow + Case (Green/Pink),
  4. 2 Towels,
  5. Night Dress and Gown,
  6. Enough Undergarments
  7. 5 Handkerchiefs,
  8. Toiletries – (at least 5 toilet paper rolls, at least 5 packets of pads, 5 bathing soap, 2 bars of washing soap, 3 toothbrushes, 300ml toothpaste)
  9. Shoe Brush and Polish – (at least 250ml tin and 2 brushes)
  10. 2 dozen Cloth Pegs and 6 coat hangers
  11. 1 Pair of Mud gumboots,
  12. 1 pair of Bathroom Slippers,
  13. 2 clothes Buckets (small & large),
  14. 1 pair of Sandals,
  15. 1 Mosquito Net (plain white, round medium size)
  16. 1 set Swimming Costume,
  17. 2 Padlocks (medium-sized).
  18. 4 black Hairbands
  19. 1 foldable packing bag


  1. The revised standard version bible
  2. Mathematical table (6th edition).
  3. Geometrical set
  4. a 360atlas and 8th
  5. Oxford advanced dictionary tutor
  6. Kmusi ya karne 21
  7. scientific calculator – casio fx82 ms
  8. Basic stationery – (at least 5 blue/black biro pens, 3 pencils, 2 erasers, one 30cm clear ruler)

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Ours is a conducive and serene environment where you can maximize your full potential, modeled to be a responsible, confident, and holistic role model for the society and the world at large.