Form IV’s taking an Exam

In collaboration with other H.O.Ds and the Dean of studies to schedule all exams (i.e drawing evaluation programs).

Tests and examinations are well moderated to reflect the national standards.

The department co-ordinates while liaising with other head of departments to ensure that the tests and examination set, sat, marked and analyzed on time.

The HOD does the sourcing for external exams and examiners for the candidates and organize for awarding of academic certificates, budgets and prizes to the deserving students who excel in academic field.

There is a tuition committee in place that comprise other H.O.Ds, for addressing academic matters and reviewing academic policies as time demands.

We make available past examination papers to both students and teachers.

We ensure credible examination results by curbing all cheating during sitting for internal and national (K.C.S.E) examinations. In addition to the guidelines outlined above,  I have received a lot of support from the following quarters to succeed in my work; school management, the administration, teaching staff, support staff and the students.

So far, the achievements are;

Introduction of a workable evaluation programs.

Securing stable and reliable sources of external examinations.

Eradication of exam irregularities. (cheating)

Preparation of well balanced and workable examination timetables.

Ensuring timely setting and marking of examinations.

Introduction of ‘pool’ marking in examinations.

School posting relatively good K.C.S.E results.

The main target of the exam department is to post a mean grade of a ‘B’ at the K.C.S.E Level and to improve in general performance in all other classes.

New examination policies are in place geared to producing the best results possible.

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